Business improvement consulting

Mazars approach to working with clients in a Business Improvement capacity is completely tailored to complement your business and planning skills and to support you in setting, implementing and monitoring the success of business strategy.
The specialist Business Improvement services you can benefit from with Mazars in Australia include:

Business Recovery Program

We are here to help you to plan and take considered steps to recover and re-grow your business. Our Business Recovery Program will help you develop your own Recovery Plan. It is a 3-step Program:

  1. Complete a free Short Risk and Value Driver Assessment to assess priority areas;
  2. Register for an online Business Recovery Program workshop to develop strategies and an action plan; and
  3. Receive ongoing support to implement your recovery and re-growth action items.

Explore the benefits of the program here.

Better Business Program

To run a better business and capitalise on future growth opportunities it’s essential to identify and reduce business risks with a clear business improvement plan.

Our Better Business Program supports you to run a better business. Explore the benefits of the program here

Business Health Check

Meet with a Business Improvement Consultant and during an engaging discussion, identify the high priority areas of concern and opportunity that require attention. Book your complimentary Business Health Check here.

Strategic Planning

Capture ‘on a page’ the ‘AS IS’ and ‘TO BE’ elements of your business, to provide clarity for multiple stakeholders what the current and future elements of the business are to be. From this, distill an action plan of priority activities required to protect and enhance the current capabilities and progress development of the new growth elements.

Enquire today to discuss how we can help you gain clarity for the future.

Develop and Launch your Business Vision

A collaborative project that documents the Vision for the Business through capturing the leadership foresight of the owners, the technical know how of senior staff and honest input from the broader staff base. Articulating what you stand for, where you're heading and how staff can play a role in that will prove to inspire and engage staff to contribute above and beyond to help achieve business goals.

Sales and Marketing Planning and Implementation

Explore the potential for new markets, reach existing markets more efficiently, leverage centres of influence, attract more referrals, articulate your value proposition more clearly, improve your online presence and enhance your marketing collateral.

Bespoke Training

Tailored training sessions are often a key element of delivering into some business improvement strategies, whether they be:

  • training for Accounts staff to more effectively ask for payment of outstanding invoices,
  • sales training to improve sales effectiveness and conversion
  • training for office estimators to have a better understanding of cost of sales / break even to quote and negotiate with more confidence.
  • All training sessions are fully tailored and delivered collaboratively with management.

Risk Management Services

Utilise a proven audit discipline and process informally in your business to identify risks inherent in the business and develop strategies to address them prior to embarking on growth initiatives to ensure the business has a solid foundation to build upon.

Internal Policies Design and Documentation Service

SME business owners have wide reaching obligations to develop and maintain business policies to ensure the safety and wellbeing of staff, meet industry standards, deliver consistent service standards to clients, manage debtors effectively, provide efficient induction processes for new staff, meet financier covenants, comply with laws, the list goes on. Save time and manage risk with best practise templates and external expertise for incomplete or absent policies.

Business Coaching

Regular free form sessions designed to enable clients to access specialists with a genuine interest in their business, serving as a sounding board, a source of ideas and expertise and to give honest advice on proposed actions, opportunities and challenges.

Management Reporting to Monitor Success

Design management reports and key performance indicators that will readily highlight the need for management focus. Design them to enable in-house production or to be delivered via the external accounting relationship.

Investor Readiness

Prepare your business to be attractive to a prospective investor, whether they are private equity or a business partner to provide much needed capital to fund business expansion and growth.

To understand if your business is Investor Ready request a Complimentary Business Investment Readiness Assessment.

Business Acquisition and Disposal Advice

Commence a Business Acquisition or Disposal strategy with full transparency of the elements of the process to be prepared for, understanding the management time investment and skills required for it to be successful. Embark on it with discipline and purpose.

Desktop Business Value Assessment

Benchmark your business value, profitability, gearing, employee remuneration, other key criteria against others in your industry to ascertain if your performance is in the top, middle or lower quartile of your industry peers.