Financial services

Building the future of financial services with forward thinking solutions

Regulatory change and disruptive technology are creating opportunities as well as challenges in the financial services industry. Greater demands for transparency, higher client expectations and a greater focus on risk management mean business models are evolving. At Mazars, our financial services team understands the complexities of an increasingly competitive market and harnesses its experience to help you build a prosperous future. Working collaboratively with investors and regulators ensures we offer tailored, integrated solutions which are the right fit for you and create value for society.

Our approach

Today’s financial services industry is international by nature and this brings with it a growing list of regulatory obligations. Moreover, technological change, market complexification, shifts in consumer behaviour and economic decarbonisation are all drivers of disruption.  At Mazars, our team of financial services experts finds practical solutions to the issues that matter most to companies across asset management, banking, insurance and real estate.

Working as a single, integrated team, our professionals draw on the depth and breadth of their expertise to provide actionable insights that add value and put your organisation in a strong position. Through our collaborative approach and international perspective, we provide advice that helps your company in the financial services industry to comply with regulations, manage risks and transform your business.

We assist organisations operating in financial services with the following advice:

  • Tax compliance services (including: income tax, goods and services tax, fringe benefits tax and other indirect taxes) for companies, trusts, partnerships, registered and unregistered schemes
  • Tax advisory and tax structuring advice for investment vehicles including managed investment schemes and registered trusts
  • AFSL licence audits (Australian Financial Services Licence)
  • Advice regarding interpretation of requirements contained within an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL), including calculation of Net Tangible Assets (NTA), Surplus Liquid Funds (SLF), Adjusted Surplus Liquid Funds (ASLF), and cash flow requirements
  • Valuation of businesses, investments and equity investments
  • Assistance with preparation of Information Memorandum (IM) and other offer documents
  • Compliance plan audits
  • Due diligence services
  • Determination of tax status of investment trust distributions, and preparation of annual distribution statements