Extraordinary Disaster Assistance Recovery Grants targeting South East Queensland severe storms and rainfall

Primary producers

For those primary producers who were affected by the recent South East Queensland severe storms and rainfall that spanned across the 24th December 2023 to 3rd January 2024, there are new grants available, offering up to $75,000 from the Qld Government. The funding will be provided to assist with the following:

  • Hiring or purchasing of equipment and materials;
  • clean up and removal of debris;
  • replacing any fencing; and
  • other costs associated with recovery.

For a full comprehensive list of the what the funding can be utilised for, please refer to section 3.1 of the grant guidelines.

In addition, applicants will be ineligible for assistance under the scheme:

  • for loss of income as a result of the eligible disaster; and
  • if the primary producer is entitled to receive an amount under an insurance policy for the relevant costs claimed.

As mentioned, the maximum exceptional circumstances grant amounts to $75,000, which is comprised of:

a)    An initial claim of up to $10,000. To support this initial amount, evidence is needed to be supplied showcasing direct damage through photographs, quotations, tax invoices and official receipts; and

b)    Subsequent claim of up to $65,000 is available. To support any subsequent claims, full evidence of payment (quotations) is required.

The essential eligibility requirements for this grant require the applicant to:

  • Be a primary producer;
  • hold an Australian Business Number (ABN);
  • have a primary production enterprise that is located in the defined area for the eligible disaster that has suffered direct damage as a result of the eligible disaster (see table below);
  • have been engaged in carrying on the primary production enterprise when affected by the eligible disaster;
  • be primarily responsible for meeting the costs claimed in the application;
  • provide satisfactory evidence of the loss of damage; and
  • intend to re-establish the primary production enterprise in the defined disaster area for the eligible disaster.
Eligible disasterDefined disaster areasApplication closing day
South East Queensland Severe Storms and Rainfall, 24 December 2023 – 3 January 2024City of Gold Coast
Logan City Council
Scenic Rim City Council
9th July 2024

For a full comprehensive list of the eligibility criteria for this grant, please refer to section 4.1 of the guidelines.

How can you apply?

To be considered for an Extraordinary Disaster Assistance Grant submission of a completed application form, accompanied by all of the documentation stated on the application form before the application closing day is required. This includes a rates notice/lease agreement, 5-10 photographs of the damage, evidence of payment (or quotes when applying for the initial grant amount), and details of any insurance held. To find out more, visit: Full comprehensive guidelines

Small businesses

For those small businesses who were affected during the same period and were affected under the same circumstances can also apply for a maximum grant of $50,000. The grant can be accessed through the following:

a)    Initial application/s up to the total amount of $10,000 is available to support an initial claim. Evidence of the direct damage is required such as photographs and quotations, tax invoices or official receipts; and

b)    Subsequent application/s up to the total amount of $40,000 is available to support subsequent claims for which full evidence of payment is required.

Eligible clean-up, reinstatement activities and emergency measures include:

  • Equipment and materials to undertake clean-up;
  • Additional labour costs (above and beyond normal wage expenditure i.e. day-to-day staffing);
  • Disposing of damaged goods and stock, including associated costs;
  • Repairs to buildings (other than housing);
  • Reconditioning/ repairing essential plant and equipment;
  • Purchase or hire/ lease costs for equipment essential to the immediate resumption of the business;
  • Payment for tradespeople to conduct safety inspections; and
  • Essential repairs to premises and internal fittings that is not covered by insurance.

The eligibility requirements are essentially the same for this grant, with the exception of being small business owner rather than a primary producer. The comprehensive eligibility criteria for this grant can be found in section 4.1 of the guidelines. To find out more, visit : Full comprehensive guidelines

Find out more

To find out more about all the available QRIDA Extraordinary Disaster Assistance Grants, visit their website here. Should you require additional information or assistance determining your eligibility, visit the QRIDA website here or speak to your usual Mazars advisor via the form below or on +61 7 3218 3900.

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Published: 24/01/2024

Author: Marcus Cutuli

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