Mazars’ C-Suite barometer 2021 in APAC

Mazars' annual C-Suite Barometer is a comprehensive report of business executives' views and outlook for 2022, based on insights from over 1,000 executives around the globe, including around 200 from the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.

The Mazars APAC C-Suite Barometer report provides valuable insights and summarises key findings, with appropriate comparisons to the global results, enabling a better understanding of the expectations and challenges for APAC businesses.

Key findings in our study include:

  • High level of confidence and resilience among businesses: One of the most notable findings of the 2021 study is the high level of confidence encountered among businesses in responding to market trends and transformations with 78% of C-Suite executives predicting revenue growth in 2022. 82% expressing confidence that their business could overcome a crisis.
  • Tech and sustainability transformations ahead: The research shows that leaders around the world expect to transform their businesses, with technology and sustainability. However, less than half of APAC executives expect a transformation in new services, markets and business models.
  • COVID-19: COVID-19 has driven huge transformations with more than half of APAC businesses predicting remote working to be a long-term change. 68% of APAC businesses say that COVID-19 changed the leadership skills they require, this is more than the global average. 42% of C-Suite executives prioritise analytical thinking and strategic vision as critical leadership skills they must apply in business.
  • Cyber risks:  A high number of APAC executives agree that cybersecurity risks have increased over the past year, but over two-thirds (67%) of business leaders remain confident that their data is completely protected.
  • Environment Social Governance factors are firmly on the C-Suite agenda: ESG factors are becoming increasingly important in C-Suite decision-making, with 63% of APAC businesses having sharpened their focus on ESG because of COVID-19. 62% of APAC businesses are focusing on health and safety. Transparency and compliance is also seen as critical.

Download our full report below to know more about the above findings.

Christopher Cicutto

Our C-suite barometer provides us with key insights into the issues, outlook and challenges that APAC businesses face and foresee. Using this information businesses can seize opportunities, respond to challenges and strategically prepare for common trends across the region.

Christopher Cicutto Partner - Melbourne, Mazars in Australia


Mazars’ C-suite barometer 2021 in APAC