APAC payroll newsletter 2022

Achieving a high level of payroll performance in the APAC region is difficult. It is crucial for businesses to understand the unique challenges and complexities of the landscape. The size and diversity of the APAC region makes payroll a tough proposition in terms of economy, rules, and regulations. Obviously, this complicated and varied geography affects the way that payroll in the APAC region should be implemented and developed.

5 May 2022

Our APAC payroll newsletter provides a comprehensive understanding of the issues and factors in specific business locations, and helps businesses take advantage of valuable payroll opportunities.

Key highlights:

  • Australia
    • Covid-19 test to be tax deductible
    • Removal of the annual Child Care Subsidy cap
    • Amendments to the piece work arrangements under the Horticulture Award
    • How outplacement can support your employees and protect your employer brand
  • China
    • Individual income tax reduced for parents of children under 3 years of age
  • Hongkong
    • Relaunch of the Employment Support Scheme (ESS) 2022
    • Employment Support Scheme (ESS) 2022: application and penalty mechanism
  • India
    • Electronic employment exchange
  • Japan
    • Change of Employment Insurance premiums  
    • Change of Social Insurance premium  
    • Change in Childcare / Nursing care leave  
    • Change in Welfare Pension insurance   
  • Korea
    • Extension of work hours system in case of short-staffing due to Covid-19
    • Act on the Punishment of Severe accident  
    • “3+3 childcare leave system” and increase of childcare leave benefit income replacement rate
  • Malaysia
    • Minimum wage
    • Employment (Amendment) Bill 2021
  • Philippines
    • Covid-19 updates
  • Thailand
    • Reduction in Social Security Fund contributions
    • Postponing compulsory Provident Fund contributions
    • E-money card is no longer used for a tax refund
  • Vietnam
    • The number of overtime (“OT”) in 2022
    • Hours of work and hours of rest applicable to workers doing seasonal production work and production of goods under orders
    • The housing rental support policy for employees

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APAC payroll newsletter 2022