Business portal access changes – Act now!

Many businesses need to access the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) business portal to lodge their Business Activity Statement (BAS) or other documents. Previously, access has been through AUSKey – a security mechanism to identify users with secure access to the portal.
The ATO and some other government agencies are changing the way access is granted by using a new system, MyGovID.

The new system requires people to establish their new MyGovID identity through an app on their mobile device.  Proof of identity will be required to establish your MyGovID, eg a drivers licence, passport, or Medicare card which are scanned into the app. Once established and authorised, users will log in through the business portal website with a code entered through the MyGovID app.

MyGovID is not related to or connected with your MyGov account.

AUSKey access will be disabled by the 27th March, 2020 – the ATO advises they cannot extend the deadline. We recommend you act early to change over your access – it can be smooth, but there can be issues involved in proving your identity or confirming authority, so give yourself as much time as possible.

The new system does not impact our ability to access your data through the tax agent portal and we do not need to be made aware of your new MyGovID details.

Be aware that a MyGovID is attributed to an individual and allows access to the business portal at any time, and from any location. If you have employees who have access to the Business Portal on your behalf, make sure their access to your data is disabled when they leave your employment.

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Published: 26/02/2020

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