Rose Megale Partner

Rose Megale

I am passionate about accounting standards, risk management and audit. Of particular interest to me has been the application of these areas in a manner which maximises positive commercial outcomes to my clients.

The time that I invest in getting to know my individual clients and the industry and environment in which they operate enable me to share my passion for my work with my clients and to assist them to achieve the best outcomes possible in a collaborative manner.

I also have the responsibility of monitoring and maintaining the quality of our audits and advice within Mazars in Australia. I gain the greatest satisfaction from interacting with our people in the audit division and seeing them develop into capable professionals as a result of our extensive training and mentoring.

I am based in the Sydney office and have a strong focus upon assurance, risk management, corporate governance, audit, due diligence and business processes across a wide range of industry sectors both nationally and internationally with listed and non-listed entities.

My free time is spent with my family and learning to balance my love of cooking and fine food with my love of fashion.