Supply chain resilience initiative grants program

This month, the Australian Government launched their $107million Supply Chain Resilience Initiative Grants Program to equip Australia to respond to future supply chain disruptions.

Under the program, grants of up to $2million, with 50% co-contribution, are available for Australian businesses to co-invest in manufacturing-related capabilities, equipment, technology, skills and processes to address identified supply chain vulnerability for products critical to Australia’s health and wellbeing.

Supply chain vulnerabilities identified in the Sovereign Manufacturing Capability Plan are defined under categories of biopharmaceuticals and agricultural production chemicals.

Eligible applicants are entities incorporated in Australia and a trading corporation, who hold an Australian Business Number (ABN), are registered for the Goods and Services Tax and who are non-tax exempt. Successful projects will show evidence of contribution to the following program goals:  

-        Improve Australia’s resilience to future supply chain shocks;

-        Enhance collaboration between domestic and international manufacturers and suppliers;

-        Accelerate digitalisation and enhanced integration of technology;

-        Facilitate diversification of supply options and increase investment in the economy;

-        Facilitate diversification into export markets and ease reliance on domestic markets;

-        Mitigate supply chain risks for critical products;

-        Enhance transparency of the supply chain for critical products; and

-        Optimise supply chain performance.

The program is open to joint applications provided an eligible lead organisation is the primary driver of the project. Additionally, applications must show a minimum of $100,000 in eligible project expenditure, ability to complete the project as well as meet expenses not covered by grant funding.

Applications will be assessed on the impact of the grant funding on the project, project alignment with the Supply Chain Resilience Initiative and the applicant’s capacity to deliver the project.  Applications close 12 August 2021. 

For further information about the Australian Government Supply Chain Resilience Initiative Grants Program, please visit the Australian Government website:  

For assistance in determining your eligibility and support to submit a compelling application, please contact your usual Mazars advisor or alternatively, the author or our financial advisory specialist Angela Winton via the form below.

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Published: 6/7/2021

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