A deep understanding of industry-specific environments, issues, and trends is critical to delivering relevant services to our clients, to anticipate and address evolving needs, as well as to capture opportunities. We put a strong focus on developing our industry expertise through our experts from all corners of the globe.

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The agricultural business or 'agribusiness' industry poses unique business challenges and demands. Fluctuating cash flows, unpredictability of the weather and seasonal considerations are all factors that necessitate a particular approach to proper business planning and administration. Mazars Agribusiness Division offers pinpointed and informed agribusiness accounting advice across Australia.

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Mazars deliver service and advice tailored to the unique needs of a variety of professional clients who value the personal and business assistance of skilled and informed accountants. We interact at a place and time that permits continuity of your busy business schedule.

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Health care professionals

At Mazars in Australia we specialise in helping our clients, including health care professionals, grow and prosper. Over our 35 year history, our client portfolio has included top health care professionals, including general and specialist medical practitioners, dentists, physiotherapists, pharmacists, chiropractors and occupational therapists. As such, we understand that, while your main focus is delivering top quality healthcare to your patients, in order to do so you need to grow a healthy, thriving practice on a sound financial base.

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Hospitality, leisure and tourism

The hospitality, leisure and tourism industry is one of Australia's largest and fastest growing service sectors.

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Information communication and technology

Through our involvement with a large number of businesses in the information technology sector we have developed a thorough knowledge of the accounting requirements of the ICT industry, allowing us to provide our clients with services tailored to their particular needs.

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Mazars have developed a comprehensive service offering for property industry participants developed over our 35 year history in delivering service and advice to the Australian Property market. We add direct value to the projects and businesses of property developers and promoters through our specialist, strategic and tailored advice delivered continuously throughout the life of a project. Whether you’re a residential property developer, real estate licensee, a firm of structural engineers or a multinational construction company you and your business will thrive with proactive advice from a specialist who understands your industry.

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Mining and resources

Mazars has a comprehensive service capability in the mining industry developed through long associations with clients with both Australian and overseas mining interests and in supplier relationships to the industry. We support our mining clients across a range of service areas including:

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Service providers to the mining industry

The resource and mining industry has a large and diverse supply chain which changes depending on the stage in the lifecycle of a particular project.

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Mazars deliver high quality value-add services to independent schools, registered training and education organisations.

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Not for profit

The not-for-profit landscape is always evolving. Shifting demographics, changing regulatory requirement, and philanthropic support waning under economic pressures, which all present challenges to organisations in this sector. Successful organisations are those that can adapt to these demands whilst staying true to their purpose.

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