GST/ Indirect Tax

Complying with the wide range of indirect taxes that apply in Australia, such as GST, stamp duty, payroll tax, superannuation guarantee charge and land tax, can be demanding. You can be faced with unexpected indirect tax liabilities from the activities which are undertaken. Mazars provides expert support to assist in understanding the obligations and ensure practical solutions to the issues.

Our dedicated professionals are experienced with indirect tax issues and can offer expert advice on the GST and other indirect tax implications for your business.

The services that we provide include:

• Implementing effective and efficient GST structures;
• Attending to cross-border GST issues
• Assistance in relation to the indirect tax implications from acquisitions and disposal of businesses and assets;
• Expert advice in relation to specific tax solutions;
• Ensuring compliance with the superannuation guarantee requirements;
• Provision of payroll tax advice for the different states and territories;
• Advice in relation to the stamp duty implications of transactions;
• Management of GST, Payroll tax and land tax reviews and audits;
• Compliance: registrations, preparation and lodgement of necessary returns.