Tax advisory

When it comes to corporate and personal tax, this can be quite the dynamic and complex challenge. Tax legislation and regulations are forever changing, and so are the many different methods of calculating tax liabilities which we can help you successfully manage. We help you understand and address your tax risks so that you can help you successfully manage your tax obligations.

With a proven track record in working with Australian-owned and multinational organisations across multiple jurisdictions and countries, our corporate tax specialists can deliver the tailored advice and insights to reach your optimum tax position.

Every tax planning assignment is unique. This is why our chartered accountants’ approach is versatile. Our team has the awareness that individual and business requirements must be dealt with on their own merits however with overall, long-term tax goals always in mind. We offer a stress-free service to help manage the whole taxation process and optimise your individual or business tax return.

We are on your side, no matter who you are

Mazars taxation specialists work hard to ensure that your activities remain tax efficient, and guide you through legislations or regulations, regardless of your tax affairs:

  • Multi-national corporations (MNC)
  • Mid-sized organisations
  • Individuals & employees
  • Trust & Partnerships
  • Not for profit organisations (NFP)

Engaging client relations

We value the importance of relationships with our clients’, especially when built over a long-term. Getting to know your taxation needs means we will become more knowledgeable of your affairs and can react proactively to changing tax requirements in line with your own special circumstances.

This allows our team to help tailor a customised solution for your business.

Mazars' tax services cover various areas within tax

We specialise in delivering relevant and timely advice to private business owners and key stakeholders, to help them fulfil their tax obligations across a number of broad areas:

  • Personal Tax
  • International Tax
  • GST & Indirect Tax
  • Corporate Tax
  • Fringe Benefits Tax
  • Mergers & Acquisitions

Personal Tax

At Mazars, we offer personalised services and solutions in relation to your taxation requirements. Given the increasing complexities of Australia’s ever-changing taxation laws and changes in your personal circumstances, it is essential to ensure that you have superior financial assistance from our professional and certified accounting team to best meet your taxation obligations.

International Tax

As part of an integrated international firm, Mazars provides support in both implementing an effective tax structure for you on an international level, and providing tax advisory services to assist you in making the best decisions. We have a thorough understanding of the tax implications of working in a global economy and are able to support your business, wherever you are located or trading with.

GST and Indirect Tax

Certain business activities, such as owning property or employing staff, can sometimes mean that your business is unexpectedly faced with one or more indirect tax liabilities, putting a strain on your financial plan and budget.

Corporate Tax

Mazars offers you our comprehensive and in depth understanding of all Australian corporate tax regulations and experience in international tax regulations, to provide you with practical and effective taxation advice. Our taxation professionals will offer proactive financial consultation and find the best outcome tailored to your circumstances by looking at all aspects of taxation, as well as the issues that affect your business operations.