Corporate Advisory

At Mazars, our Corporate Advisory experts can provide Boards, CEO’s and senior executives with the support and assistance to identify opportunities for your business growth and successfully implement a range of transactions effectively. We can support you throughout the acquisition processes and keep you informed at every stage of your project, so you can feel secure knowing that you have a team of certified corporate expert’s right by your side.

With our extensive experience, we recognise that every transaction is different and we work closely with you to match our expertise for your engagement. Our experts have worked closely with our advisory teams and built long lasting relationships with financial institutions, lawyers, and financial professionals to offer a seamless, integrated service.

Due diligence 

Our agile due diligence team will help you to investigate potential acquisition from a financial perspective such that any claims are reviewed and all relevant financial records are examined ensuring that the risks and opportunities are appropriately balanced.

Our due diligence services are tailored to your needs to ensure that any concerns and specific risks inherent in the targets’ business are addressed. This ensures that our clients are well informed and taking all necessary precautions before entering into a financial transaction or agreement.

Mazars Transaction Services

  • Gaining an understanding of the historical performance of your target company
  • Identifying and analysing the business, and key value drivers behind the acquisition price
  • Identifying potential risks
  • Maximising financial and tax positions
  • Conducting a post-acquisition audit and preparing your opening balance sheet

We also help you during the sales process. Mazars Transaction Services support you at every stage of your project by:  

Business restructuring

We can help your business evolve.

Businesses grow over time, and we have the insights and expertise to successfully manage a restructure and turnaround projects across a wide range of industries in time-critical situations. We have a strong track record of building sustainable growth for organisations globally and locally.

Our professional financial advisory professionals can help you discover your full potential by reviewing operational issues and getting you back on track to making profit with a multi-disciplinary approach from our national firm.

Mazars performs a comprehensive operations review to identify operational inefficiencies while working closely with key stakeholders to save costs and reduce overheads. With our expertise, we will look at unprofitable business segments, divisions or affiliates, and quickly identify any weaknesses in systems, procedures and controls, before consulting on recommended changes that may be affecting profitability or to recover value based on our clients’ outcomes.

We help you restructure by:

  • Defining and implementing an overall strategic turnaround and restructuring plan
  • Preparing a priority timeline
  • Providing operational consultation at each stage
  • Providing consultation services by addressing bankruptcy issues


We will also help you avoid future risk situations by:

  • Helping you understand the causes of the company's past shortfalls
  • Assessing your business' short-term and long-term viability
  • Preparing short and long-term financial projections and cash flows
  • Developing operational tools and reports