Accounting and Compliance

Maintaining accounting books and records in accordance with prevailing regulations and preparing and filing all the paperwork required by local authorities can be a time consuming and costly exercise. It places an administrative burden on your staff which has little perceived added value.

Why choose Mazars?

1. We have many years’ experience working with local and international companies, so we understand the range of issues they face, whether they are small businesses taking large steps, or well-established, global corporations.

2. You will have the assurance that your accounting records are accurate, timely and fully compliant with the relevant local and international standards.

3. Our flexible service means that, should you need support to meet short compliance deadlines, to provide cover for a member of accounting staff on long term leave, or to assist with critical accounting reconciliations or incomplete records, we will do everything we can to support you.

4. Work will be undertaken by our experienced teams and will keep you abreast of the latest regulations to ensure that your business meets all its obligations.

5. In addition to regular accounting services, we can provide a programme of input, support and consultation to assist the growth of your business.