Audit and Assurance

At Mazars in Australia, our goal is to provide you with actionable recommendations for your business, enabling you to make an informed decision towards achieving your corporate goals.

We help manage our clients’ risks and high expectations effectively. Our team is more than just a compliance solution but aims to deliver added value to our clients. Our expertise can identify and resolve critical issues using useful business improvement tools to provide your business with various services including audit, reporting, corporate governance and risk management.

Working alongside various multinational corporations and family operated businesses, we know how important it is to have a deep understanding of reliable information and the necessary experience in all aspects of audit and assurance. Our teams are competent in managing your operational and financial risks by ensuring that processes within your organisation run more efficiently and effectively. This ensures we promote the production of reliable information and recommendations.

Our professional auditors will advise you on the consistency and reliability of your financial information. Mazars is completely independent, this ensures we deliver audit reports that a robust, accurate and convey actionable insights that meet our high expectations.

Looking at your financial statements, we can improve the way that you produce and present economic and financial information. This will help you manage the business’ risks more effectively and align business processes towards the achievement of your corporate goals whilst meeting stakeholder needs.

Audit methodology

Our audit methodology is based around the fundamental principles of professional independence, transparency and the highest level of ethical integrity, in order to achieve the best outcome for your business and its stakeholders.

Mazars has adopted a global audit methodology across our network to deliver the following audit and assurance services:

  • Statutory audits
  • Agreed upon procedures
  • Reviews
  • Compliance Reviews
  • Control, System and Risk reviews.

Skilled Team and Familiarity with your organisation

Our methodology is underpinned by obtaining a detailed understanding of the key risks and drivers within your business. Utilising established processes and technology we ensure compliance and help to improve the way you do business.

Our policy of continuity of engagements enables the team to develop a deeper understanding of your business, making them more likely to uncover irregularities and develop effective actionable improvements tailored to your circumstances.

Mazars will always provide you with:

  • A focused approach to your audit and assurance service
  • The specific skills that are relevant to your industry sector
  • Excellent organisation and planning
  • An effective control structure
  • Analysis of the most complex accounting processes in an economic context

Partner Direct Access

Throughout the audit process, our clients will be consistently dealing with the same team members whilst the entire process will be overseen by a Mazars Partner to ensure quality control measures are met throughout the engagement. The partner assigned to your engagement provides a “hands on approach” to each engagement

Keeping You Informed

Ongoing open communication with your company and management is core to our service and our commitment to keeping you fully informed at all stages of the engagement.

To meet these objectives, Mazars in Australia has a dynamic and experienced assurance and risk management team. Our team consists of financial audit and assurance specialists who deal specifically with servicing your business’ internal and external accounting requirements.

Productive relationships grow from clear communication channels based on integrity and understanding. This is why we only recruit agile and talented accounting professionals with superior communications skills and common sense, as well as the essential technical accounting ability to undertake your engagement.