Australian Government Grants Supporting Best Practice Sustainable Agriculture

The Australian Government is active in supporting land manager practice change that will deliver more sustainable, productive and profitable food, fibre and forestry business. They are doing so through the Small Farms Small Grants Program, which aims to increase farming, forestry and fishing communities’ awareness, knowledge, skills and capacity to adopt best practice sustainable agriculture.

These objectives will be achieved by supporting projects that contribute to achieving one or both of the program outcomes:

  • Increased adoption of best practice sustainable agriculture.
  • Increase the capacity of land managers to adopt best practice sustainable agriculture.

Grant funding of between $5,000 and $50,000 are available to complete eligible activities which achieve one or more of the program outcomes, including undertaking activities that:

      a) directly improve natural resources and improve on-farm adoption of best practice sustainable agriculture;

      b) will increase land managers’ knowledge and skills;

      c) will increase the capacity and capability of community and Landcare groups to assist in adoption of best practice sustainable agriculture.

The funding cannot be used for:

-        Business-as-usual activities;

-        Activities that are closely related to those already underway or completed;

-        Activities that could reasonably be considered the land manager’s ordinary responsibility unless you demonstrate a substantial public benefit that would not occur without the grant; and

-        Research activities or trials of methods that are already well-established best practice.

Applications for this grant are currently open and will remain open until 11pm AEDT on 19 December 2019. For more information please view the website .

For assistance in considering your project suitability and in submitting your application and supporting documentation please contact your usual Mazars advisor or alternatively our Grant specialist, Angela Winton on:




+61 7 3218 3900

+61 3 9252 0800

+61 2 9922 1166


Published 5 November 2019

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