Guide to doing business in China 2019

The Mazars China's Doing Business in China guide provides a thorough and insightful overview for those who are interested in the business and taxation aspect of investing in China.

This guide aims to provide an overview of the People’s Republic of China to investors wishing to do business in this booming market.


  1. General information
  2. Forms of business vehicles in the PRC for foreign investors
  3. Setting-up a Foreign Investment Enterprise ( “FIE” )
  4. Immigration
  5. Employment
  6. Foreign exchange control
  7. Corporate Income Tax ( “CIT” )
  8. Transfer Pricing ( “TP” )
  9. Turnover taxes
  10. Other major taxes and duties
  11. Individual Income Tax ( “IIT” )
  12. Tax treaties
  13. Investment through Hong Kong companies


Doing business in China 2019
Doing business in China 2019