Women@Mazars - Girls Night In

Friday 22nd May 2020

The Women@Mazars group in Melbourne recently hosted a “Girls night in”. The theme of the night was discussing the benefits and nuances of the recent move to working from home, using live poll results from a range of questions.

The teams’ responses were unanimous regarding the benefits of working remotely in respect to family, commuting, productivity and financial savings. As well as some light hearted discussion about our new lifestyle, questions also explored the impact if any, of working from home on a female’s career, considering any changes in the share of household chores, caring for children and if these ‘traditionally’ female responsibilities could make a comeback.

While the group discussed and compared their results, it was evident that everyone is finding their new working style a positive experience and that they are adapting easily to staying connected and engaging with their colleagues. While we do miss our group huddles and coffee catch-ups, it is great to see that in these unique and evolving times, our strong sense of belonging remains, as we re-invent and find better ways to connect with each other.

The group shared a drink, dressed up for the occasion and had a fun night!