Health care & life sciences

At Mazars in Australia we specialise in helping our clients, including health care professionals, grow and prosper. Over our 35 year history, our client portfolio has included top health care professionals, including general and specialist medical practitioners, dentists, physiotherapists, pharmacists, chiropractors and occupational therapists.

As such, we understand that, while your main focus is delivering top quality healthcare to your patients, in order to do so you need to grow a healthy, thriving practice on a sound financial base. Our healthcare specialists can partner with you to create a sustainable business through tailored, cost effective business packages to reach your financial goals. 

We're with you every step

Even before recent events put healthcare to the forefront of global concerns, the sector faced growing challenges. Aging populations, changing funding models, rising public expectations and the advent of disruptive technology have all contributed to difficulties in providing quality care at affordable costs. At Mazars, we understand the need to work collaboratively with companies, governments, policymakers and investors to deliver healthy, safe societies. We offer specialist advice to address cost pressures while leveraging our technical expertise with one objective in mind: to help continuously improve the quality of care.

Our approach

We pride ourselves on being able to provide comprehensive, hassle-free solutions for medical and allied health professionals and practice groups. These services include:

  • big picture strategic assistance
  • yearly taxation and compliance matters
  • yearly financial statements
  • accounting, outsourcing and bookkeeping solutions
  • snapshot reports
  • tax planning and projections
  • asset protection
  • alignment and acquisition support
  • practice valuations
  • structuring
  • finance application assistance
  • cashflow analysis
  • budget and forecasting services
  • succession planning
  • superannuation
  • tailored operational and HR advice

Our solutions are designed to help authorities, organisations and companies manage and improve their day-to-day operations in the health sector, anticipate changes and achieve real transformation. Whether you need short-term accounting solutions or a longer-term appraisal of your organisation’s strategy, we have the experience and knowledge to support you. Our team members have years of experience as consultants or accountants in the medical and social care sectors, with many holding professional medical accounting memberships. Based on your requirements, we aim to build a team with the best skills to drive your organisation forward.

Health Care

Specialist guidance and support for stronger healthcare delivery

Health systems around the world are seeking to deliver better patient outcomes against a backdrop of financial pressures and challenging performance targets. This means many providers are asking how they can deliver better patient-centered care while also improving efficiencies and work conditions for the medical and social care staff. We offer a suite of advisory, audit and tax services to help you reach your organisational and strategic objectives.

Our approach  

Whether the aim is to care or to cure, every provider has its own set of priorities and challenges. In a competitive market where economic and political forces shape the way services are provided and accessed, operators must ensure their business models are aligned with their future objectives and values. This is particularly important given the change in the patient profile due to the epidemiological shift, technological advancements, disruptive market entrants, new business models and demand for greater transparency which are all placing providers under pressure.

At Mazars, we are committed to providing the healthcare sector with advice, guidance and solutions that drive informed decisions and lead to successful outcomes. Because we work at every level of health and social care governance, our in-depth expertise allows us to deliver a tailored response to our clients in the private and public sectors.

Our clients include national, regional and local authorities, public or private health institutions and patients’ organisations seeking accountancy advice and support for strategic or operational transformation.

Our team consists of specialist medical accountants and multidisciplinary advisers who understand the healthcare sector and the unique challenges that you face. By taking a collaborative approach, we work together as one team in an integrated fashion, pulling together the necessary experts from across the Mazars network to ensure you receive the right advice and guidance for your objectives.

Our services 

We provide health and social care with:

  • Strategic assistance such as market expansion strategies, transactions, strategic planning, healthcare pathways and system optimisation​
  • Operational & financial performance improvement such as financial and organisational audit and restructuring, risk mapping, process optimisation, change management, financial modeling, executive and staff training.
  • IT consulting such as strategic information technology planning, IT audit, analytics and business intelligence, cybersecurity.
  • Regulatory compliance such as survey and audit readiness assessments, policy, procedure and programmatic development and evaluation.

Pharmaceutical & life sciences

Advice that supports innovation and medical breakthroughs

Pharmaceutical and life sciences companies operate in a sector where regulation, pricing pressures and the push for breakthroughs all shape business models. At every moment, the focus is on delivering better outcomes while remaining profitable. We help companies navigate the complexity and allocate resources so they can focus on scientific discoveries.

Our approach

Life sciences companies have always placed a priority on innovation and scientific breakthroughs. But they must also grapple with other competitive forces, such as technological advancements, disruptive market entrants, and transforming business models. Along with this, they are seeking answers to key challenges for healthcare services around the world, such as ageing populations, chronic diseases and the risk of future pandemics.

At Mazars, we work with companies in the pharmaceuticals & life sciences industry to navigate disruption, effectively allocate resources and forge new relationships that drive long-term value and lead to positive outcomes for society. When you partner with us, you benefit from guidance and advice that is tailored for your situation. From start-ups in the biotechnology sector to multinational pharmaceutical companies, our focus is on putting in place a multi-disciplinary team that is the right fit for your needs.

As a company with an international footprint and specialists based around the world, we offer a global perspective and the breadth of experience needed to empower informed decision-making. You may be seeking to streamline your operations, undergo a technological transformation or restructure to compete with disruptive market entrants. No matter your circumstances, we can offer you the insight and expertise to improve your competitiveness and drive long-term growth. 

Our services 

We help you achieve operational excellence through our capabilities in:

  • Strategy and operations such as strategy development and transformation, merger and acquisition, due diligence, project management​, business process improvement and automation, training and facilitation
  • Regulatory compliance such as assessments and compliance remediation, regulatory inspection preparation support, clinical site, vendor and trial master file audits, quality programme and quality management system development
  • Technology enablement such as IT assessment, strategy, architecture, design and implementation, technology evaluation and selection, cloud strategy and migration, data analytics.
  • Risk management such as Enterprise Risk Management assessment and programme development​, cyber security and data privacy assessment, strategy, implementation and managed Services​, organisational resilience planning​
  • Accounting, tax and advisory

At Mazars, our years of experience in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries means we are well placed to respond to the challenges our clients face.